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Read about the DOD 8570 Certification

DOD 8570 is the official document that requires all military IT personnel to be formally trained in security protocols. The official US DOD deadline for all units to achieve 100% DOD 8570 certification is now December 31, 2010. This urgent deadline is not the only obstacle to be overcome. Besides establishing this immovable deadline, the Department of Defense has not lowered its high standards for trainers of Information Assurance personnel: training providers must all still be ANSI certified.

The dod 8570 manual specifies certain off-the-shelf and customized certification requirements for all job tiers across these four functional areas: IAM, IAT, CND and IASAE roles. The DOD demands that all new IA hires be trained and certified within six months of onboarding, and that any combat IA personnel be certified by the time of deployment. Basic IA training is designed to make sure that all military IA personnel share a common understanding of common Internet threats, prevention measures, security procedures and containment protocols.

As we approach this deadline, instruction providers for DOD directive 8570 with a solid track record of training military personnel in these IT courses will naturally be in high demand. And frankly, we should expect to see many of these same schools advertising aggressively during Q4 2010 as they compete for their share of the US DOD’s IT personnel training budget. How will trainees choose their providers?

At the end of the day, the choice will be contextually determined. One example of context dependence would be the civilian who is self-funding his training to qualify for a position; he or she will probably decide based on cost. In such cases, DOD 8570 pricing will affect decisions more than other factors.

Where groups of trainees are to be accommodated, factors other than pricing will come into focus. Here, preferred providers may be recommended by commanding officers based on past successes and existing procurement policies and arrangements.

The DOD 8570 certification deadline is an aggressive organizational goal for the entire US military IT community. Success or failure at achieving this goal will without a doubt make and break military careers. Successfully meeting this very high-profile, high-priority, well-funded objective should prove to be a critical talking point during officer promotion discussions in this up-or-out professional community. As combat operations in Iraq come to a halt, it should be no surprise for officers to see their job performance evaluated substantially on the basis of how well they have supported and achieved proactive, defensive organizational goals like DOD 8570.


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